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Issues of Illegal Immigration & Undocumented Workers:

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While a great deal of time is spent discussing the issue of undocumented populations within the United States, it is important to note there seems to be no agreement on fundamental facts: how many undocumented people are there currently in the US, is illegal immigration slowing down or speeding up, what is the effect of undocumented workers on the US economy, what should be done (immigration reform or mass deportation)? Research the resources below and come to your own conclusions!

  • How do Hispanics view illegal immigrants? This October 3, 2013 PEW poll identified changing attitudes since 2010.

  • Public Radio's The World (October 10, 2013) sought to explain jst who are the 11 million undocumented individuals currently in the US. Listen to this 3 minute 23 second report and read the accompanying description.

  • Illegal aliens are taking US Jobs” from Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)…perfect example of possible bias…does name reflect pro or con sentiment towards illegal immigrants.

  • Jobs Americans won’t do” from Center for immigration studies…note bias lots of stats (are they interpreted correctly)?

  • Workers rights for undocumented workers? The Legal Aid Society of San Francisco provides a multi-page Q & A related to the work rights of undocumented workers (in CA and USA)…a good resource to make generalizations from.