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Immigration Data:

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The topic of immigration can be broken down into numbers, numbers, and more numbers. At its most simple is a count of how many...from where. However, there is a seemingly endless number of different ways we can group immigrants and count them within each group. The sites below will provide useful statistical resources related to immigration in the United States (esp. 1880-2010). NOTE: Take your time and slowly examine these resources...if you rush through, don't read chart headings, think about what each statistic tells you and what it does not, you will quickly get lost in a storm of numbers.

  • The US Department of Homeland Security's "2010 Yearbook of Immigration Statistics" .has an incredible number of tables with info from 1820-2010…WOO HOO. There are no quick fill-in-the-blank answers here, but most of what you need to conceptualize US immigration is here.

  • The New York Times has created "Immigration Explorer" to present historic immigration trends visually. This interactive map will allow students to quickly chart Total immigration and/or the immigration of people from specific countries 1880-2010. However, you MUST take a minute to understand how to use the features on this map. ASK Mr. Wankoff TO SHOW YOU HOW TO NAVIGATE THIS RESOURCE!!